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Ellel Ministries is an organisation that is totally dependant on God to anoint, lead, protect and provide for all that is needed to run the ministry. We are, therefore, extremely grateful for all support that is received whether it be prayer, financial help or a practical commitment.


Prayer support is vital for all Christian work. If you would like to support Ellel Ministries in this way there is a 31 day Prayer Diary available or you may like to consider joining a Prayer Support Group.


Ellel Ministries is a registered charity and is therefore reliant upon donations to be able to continue the work. You may support the work financially by making a donation, becoming a regular covenanted supporter on the 'Partners in Mission' scheme or by sponsoring a student to attend one of the longer Training Schools.

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If you are a committed Christian aged between 18 and 30 and feel that God is calling you to take a year out to serve Him, why not apply for a place on the Young People's Team at one of our centres? The main role of the YPT is the practical duties that are essential to keeping the centres running. Opportunities are available during the year to sit in on some of the teaching courses and to get involved in the prayer ministry. The YPT offers an excellent opportunity to grow in your walk with God and share fun and fellowship with other young Christians.


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