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International Prayer Update for April and May, 2018


Testimony: “The power was restored to my right hand! For many years I could not eat decently using knife and fork. It had happened after an operation on my left hand/wrist. In a restaurant I was ashamed of eating in public. Because of fear of exposure I kept it hidden. After the healing session I found myself eating with the use of a knife and fork. Power had been returned into my hand/wrist. A clear sign to me that God restored me, not only in spirit but also in my body. Thank You, Jesus!! – Healing Retreat guest.


Thanks & Praise Points!

• Praise God for our new Modular C School, with nine students.


• Thank God for Teacher & Ministry training, for the enthusiasm of the teams for the new Explore programme, and working together.


• Praise God that the YPT planning is progressing and early notification has been given for a September 21 intake.


• Praise God for the continued upgrading of our facilities and particularly for provision of new team vehicles.


Prayer points:


• We are still waiting on a final answer from the local council; that the old zoning of Huize Baak will be reinstated, so that people and staff can legally sleep on site. Please pray that the cost of this, and the time spent on this, will be kept to a minimum.


• Please continue to pray for YPT planning, particularly the advertising; that we attract the right people, that we will understand where to cast the nets, and that God will connect us to the right people. Pray also for our own team preparation.


• Please continue to pray for a technically-minded person to join our team, to look after the IT, and also for volunteers for the catering team.


• We would value your prayers for God’s solution for repaying the private loans, and also that the debt would continue to shrink.


• Please pray for the planning and preparation of how and where we advertise to the public, for greater connections to the church in the Netherlands.


• Pray for the growth and maturity of our teaching and ministry teams, and systems to support them.



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