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International Prayer Update for October – November 2017


“I have been here in the past. I was so angry with God because he didn’t do it my way…the blockage has been broken, and the lie, I’m not loved at Ellel’ has been revealed … and I’m looking forward to all the walls crumbling down.” - “Foundations For The Healing Ministry” delegate.

Thanks & Praise Points!

• Praise God for a new Dutch couple joining our team, arriving mid-October, to cover housekeeping and various other duties.

• Praise God we have been able to offer more PMAs.

• Praise God for our new course hosts for our Modular B School.

• Praise God for the dining room renovation and extension.

• Praise God for Johan agreeing to step in, to work with Vicki while Marc and Margaret are away.

Prayer Points:

• Pray that all the renovation work will be complete in time for the “God’s Heart for Europe” conference, starting 22 October.

• Pray for the planning of the new Modular C School for 2018, for the dates and details.

• Please continue to pray about the logistics of the European Prayer Conference, “God’s Heart For Europe” in October. We thank the Lord for bringing team we need to run the conference, but there are many details still to iron out, and much planning for every aspect of the weekend.

• Please pray for an IT technical person to join our team. Pray with us also, as our new team member looks for a Young People’s Team.

• Pray for the leadership team as we make plans, and changes, in this time of growth.

• Pray for preparations for December and January, with Marc and Margaret on leave; that every aspect of the work here will be will covered.

• Pray for continued provision for upgrading the property and also urgently repaying the private loans.



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