Making a Donation

Ellel Netherlands is an organization that is not supported by the government. Our vision is also not to charge for any ministry. We have been able so far to help a lot of people in need, and we need your support to keep continuing to do this. Any gift would be much appreciated.

You can support us by:

Making a bank transfer to account number: NL50 INGB 0006 0065 24 in the name of Ellel Ministries Netherlands at Baak or by using this form: Direct Debit Form



In case you live outside the Netherlands you can use this account number:

Account name and address: Ellel Ministries Nederland, Wichmondseweg 19 7223 LH Baak
Bank name and address: ING Bank NV, PO Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL50 INGB 0006 0065 24
Registerd Company nr. 30211733


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