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International Prayer Update - November, 2018


“The Lord showed me, through wisdom, knowledge and pictures, that I was left alone as a baby and in my young life. Forgiveness has delivered and healed me. I have accepted myself more and God has taken away the fear of not being a good husband in our marriage.” - Healing Retreat delegate.

Thanks & Praise Points!

·         Thank God for rest during the Sumer break and time with family and friends.

·         Praise God for the work we have been able to complete in the house and grounds during the Summer break.

·         Praise God that Margaret was able to join the team at Blairmore for “Bridge From The Head to the Heart”.

·         Praise God for two young men and a young woman to join Flourish, our Year of Discipleship. Thanks that they are settling in well and lifting some of the load off team.

·         Praise God for the Iranian conference at Baak, building bridges between cultures and praising God together.

Prayer points:

·         Please pray for Erwin and Anita as they lead and develop the Flourish programme.

·         The old zoning of Huize Baak has been reinstated by the local council. Praise God there have been no objections to council and we expect by October/November to hear that it has been ratified. Please continue to pray for this.

·         Praise God we are taking ten people to the Advanced Healing & Discipleship school in October. Pray for God’s covering and provision for the team in our absence.

·         Please pray that those trialing the A School will be encouraged to stay on for the year.

·         We are still praying for a caterer or cook to join our team, as well as a technically-minded person to look after the IT. Pray for volunteers to fill the gaps.

·         The private loans are still in need of repayment. Please continue to pray for God’s provision.

·         Pray for God’s leading with an Arab-speaking community that are considering a conference at Baak.

·         Prayer for us as we all find our place here, with so many new people on team and re-structuring of tasks.

·         Pray that the team finds a good work/rest balance particularly the leadership team.


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