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International Prayer Update for February - March 2018



“I came to rest, and have time to seek God for healing and ministry. God showed me things; I dealt with them and have been set free, encouraged and equipped to move on! It was a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere, a safe place to look at the inner man. Thank you!” Delegate, “Inner Healing And Emotional Wholeness” weekend.


Thanks & Praise Points!


• Praise God for a time of rest for Marc and Margaret and time with family and friends in Australia.


• Praise God for the new team members, Erwin and Anita, who are settling in well.


• Praise God that we have been able to start working towards developing a Young People’s Team.


• Please pray for our new Modular C School for 2018, which starts in February. For the new students who want to grow in their giftings and their calling.


• Pray for continued favour with the local council; that the old zoning of Huize Baak will be reinstated, so that people can legally sleep on site.

• Please pray for the team as we look at how we prepare ourselves for a new season, especially to receive the YPT we are hoping will join us... that God helps each one find their place and builds us together in unity.


• Please continue to pray for more helpers and volunteers, especially a technically-minded person to join our team, to look after the IT.


• Pray for Leadership team as we plan our summer school and how we can prepare for a longer school programme.


• Please pray for a good result in our discussions with Deutsche Bank about overpaid interest, and continue to pray for God’s solution for repaying the private loans.


• Pray for deeper understanding, and God’s blessing and protection as we continue in the vision God has given for our work of welcoming, teaching and healing.


• We look forward to a two-day equipping and training time with Denise Cross.  Please pray for our participants.


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