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International Prayer Update: December 2018 - January 2019

“I thought I was too good for this teaching, to be honest. I realise that I’m so much in control. I ran a church when I was 30 years old…so what do I need to learn? I learned how deeply rooted control is. I want to have control over so many things, even people. I now have a new foundation to work on – thank you!” – Delegate, “Transformed By the Renewing Of Your Mind”.
Thanks & Praise Points!
• Thank God for the gift of a tractor for the ministry. It really helps with work around the property!

• Thank God for the extra hands He has sent us. The new team members have enabled us to get some major painting work done.
• Praise God for good connections with local church and community, especially for our Flourish team who are being greatly blessed.

• Praise God we could take ten people to the Advanced Healing and Deliverance course at Ellel Grange. We are thankful for the encouragement and training we received and can build on as a team.

Prayer points:
• Please pray for members of our team and associates who have major medical issues, for God’s provision and healing.

• Please continue to pray for our Flourish! Young People’s Team programme, that they will really come to know and love the Lord. That they may truly Flourish in Jesus.

• Please pray that our volunteers will continue to fill the gaps till we find a new cook to join our team, as well a technically-minded person to look after the IT.

• We would value your ongoing prayers for God’s wisdom and provision for the private loans that still need to be repaid.

• Pray for our new Modular C School, starting in mid-December, and the ten students who have committed to ongoing training.

• Pray for Marc and Margaret as they join the team in Kuala Lumpur for ‘Bridge From the Head to The Heart’, and for the Baak team in their absence.

• Pray for us as we work through all the local compliance laws, fire safety requirements, etc. Pray also for the replacement of our aged central heating system, for wisdom and funding to get the job done.
• Pray with us for the provision of an excavator to continue the work in the moat.
• We would value your prayers for our team as we prepare for the start of the new Explore School, for the translation work that is needed, and preparation of materials.



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