Healing Retreats

What is a Healing Retreat?

Healing Retreats take place at each of our residential centres. Up to 30 people attend and they share in times of praise, worship and teaching. Each person is offered personal prayer ministry in a safe and loving environment. Healing Retreats usually last from Tuesday evening until Thursday afternoon. A few are held from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Some are specifically for church leaders.

What is the Teaching Content?

During the Retreat key biblical principles are shared relating to receiving healing for spirit, soul and body. Topics covered include: forgiveness; understanding and knowing the Father Heart of God and His desire to heal, restore and fill us with His Holy Spirit; the place of spiritual warfare; the importance of making Godly choices; and walking on in victory.

What will the Times of Prayer Involve?

Personal sharing and prayer ministry often includes time working through areas of forgiveness, repentance and inviting Jesus to be Lord. It can also include recognising the work of the enemy in our lives and overcoming it through the power of the cross of Jesus. The purpose of a Retreat is to bring God's love and healing power into someone's life. It is not usually possible to deal with a life-time's problems all at once, but the aim is rather to facilitate a significant step forward in the Christian journey. Individual needs and the guidance of the Holy Spirit will assist the team in knowing what to pray about. There is also time for personal reflection.

Who are the Ministry Team Members?

All those who minister with Ellel Ministries are committed mature Christians who have a heart to apply - from their experience and training - God's love, healing and restoration according to the principles of the Kingdom of God. They are carefully trained and evaluated by Ellel Ministries over a period of time prior to being released to minister under the supervision of the Ellel Ministries Centre Ministry Manager. It should be noted that members of the Ministry Teams are not required to have secular qualifications and are not professionals. Some are pastors or church leaders or have accreditation with other Christian organisations.

How Many of the Ministry Team will a Person See?

The Ministry Teams work in pairs (or occasionally as a team of three). At least one ministry team member will be the same sex as the person seeking help.

Is it Confidential?

Yes. What is confided, both in writing and during prayer ministry, will be kept in strictest confidence. Application forms and details will be kept locked and secure. We will not release any details to anyone without your written permission, unless legally obliged to do so.

What are the Results?

God works in different ways with different people. Most people give immediate testimony of significant changes. Many more tell us that improvements were progressive and continued over months or even years after their Retreat. Nearly everyone testifies to increased faith, strength and hope. For some, deep levels of pain may begin to be touched for the first time, which initially can result in feeling worse. Advice and encouragement will be given on the way forward.

Will it Solve All Problems?

No guarantee can be given of what the Lord Jesus will do in an individual's life during the Retreat. For some there is powerful and complete healing, but for most it is a process which means a continuing walk with God.

How Much will it Cost?

Ellel Ministries do not make any charge for Healing Retreats so as not to hinder anyone from receiving help. However, operating our Centres does cost money and there are bills that have to be paid! We invite those coming on a Retreat to donate whatever they can afford towards meeting some of our expenses. How much is given is left to their own discretion. For your guidance, the cost of running a Healing Retreat works out at about 200 per person. This is higher than the cost of a Training Course because the costs of food and accommodation for the Ministry Team also has to be covered. Sometimes an individual may make a donation; at other times a local church may wish to make a gift towards the cost of a Retreat.

Where and How is an Application Made?

An application form for a Healing Retreat can be obtained by phoning or writing to the nearest Ellel Ministries Centre. After receiving an application we prayerfully consider the needs of the individual and may offer a place on a Healing Retreat. In some situations a Healing Retreat may not be considered to be the best way forward and alternative advice may be given. For attending a Healing Retreat in the Netherlands you can apply by sending an email to ministry@ellel.nl.

How Long is the Waiting List?

We try to offer people a place on a Retreat as soon as possible but often the waiting list for a Healing Retreat at each of our Centres is 3 months or more, although we would very much like this to be shorter! Occasionally, we do have cancellation places on Retreats which we are able to offer to people who are able to come at short notice. Details of Training Courses which may be helpful in preparing for a Retreat are sent when the completed application form is received.

How We Serve the Church

Ellel Ministries is not a church, but rather seeks to serve the Church. Although no formal approval from a church or Pastor is needed for attendance on a Healing Retreat, for the best and most effective results, we believe it is right and preferable if the blessing and support of the local church is sought. We do recommend that individuals tell their Pastor of plans to come on a Healing Retreat. We like to send Pastors an information pack and answer any questions they may have about our work. Ideally, Ellel Ministries would want to work alongside the local church in helping those who attend the Healing Retreats.

Do People Come on Their Own?

Most people come on their own. When appropriate a church pastoral worker, spouse or friend can be invited for the Retreat to act in a caring, supportive role during the teaching, meals and free time. The carer will not normally participate in ministry sessions, or receive prayer for themselves. Carers are asked to pay €75 towards accommodation and food costs.

What is the Accommodation Like?

Our Centres are large and comfortable houses set in beautiful countryside. People sometimes come just to appreciate the environment! Bedroom accommodation ranges from smaller rooms where you may have to share with one other person to larger rooms where there can be up to 5 people sharing. Should special meals be required, or a wheelchair accessible room be needed, help will be provided. These are available on request.

What is the Next Step After the Healing Retreat?

We recommend committed involvement with the local church and encourage people to receive ongoing pastoral care and ministry wherever this is offered and appropriate. Those praying with you will discuss the next step for you and may suggest suitable training courses that would be beneficial.


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