Principles for Care and Prayer MinistryPrinciples for Care and Prayer Ministry
10 - 12 mei 2019
Bij Ellel Ministries Nederland

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Principles for Care and Prayer Ministry


Do people come to you and share their problems? Are you a member of a Church prayer ministry team? Are you looking for confirmation that God might be calling you into the healing ministry? Do you feel called to care for others, but inadequate and ill-equipped?

This course looks at what it means to be involved in helping others through caring, counselling and prayer. Who we are and our heart attitudes are more important than what we know. Relational skills are discussed and demonstrated, with an opportunity being given to use them in practical workshops.

Many people have testified that they found this course very encouraging and that through it God was confirming their calling into the healing ministry and starting to equip them for this task.

The introductory teaching explains the relationship and differences between caring, counselling and ministry. The importance of right heart attitude and motives, as we seek to serve God by helping others, is stressed.

Essential skills

Essential communication skills, such as attentive listening, developing sensitivity and how to ask questions are highlighted. Practical sessions offer an opportunity to put some of these skills into practice.

Qualities and character of a Christian carer and counsellor

Concentrates on the important qualities and characteristics we need to be effective counsellors as well as the merits and dynamics of co-counselling.

Ingredients of the process of counselling and ministry

Explains such aspects as recognising the problem, discerning the root causes, areas of prayer and ongoing discipleship.

Difficulties encountered

Drawing on extensive counselling experience, commonly encountered defence mechanisms are described. Suggestions as to how to confront in love are also presented.

Setting boundaries

The teaching looks at issues such as being aware of our own vulnerabilities and the need for accountability.

Interaction between delegates and teachers on this course is encouraged through discussion, open forums and question times.

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Principles for Care and Prayer Ministry

Principles for Care and Prayer Ministry


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