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Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness

Doctors recognise that our physical health and general well-being are gratly affected by our emotional condition, our thinking and our personal relationships.

Jesus, who was fully human and therefore fully understands us, shows in His healing ministry that inner healing is a vital part of the process of becoming healthy. His compassionate response to those in need demonstrates that true healing is bringing wholeness ot only to our bodies but also to our emotions and inner being.

This very popular course is the first of two on this subject and will help all those seeking to understand how healing and wholeness may be experienced for themselves. It also presents vital keys to all those who are involved in or feel called to minister God?s healing love to others.

This course is designed to bring clarity and understanding into the whole area of inner healing, part of the fullness of healing won at the cross.

Topics covered include:

  • The nature of man created as spirit, soul and body and how the function and health of each affects the whole person.
  • Relationships and the effect of relationship bonds, called "soul-ties", on our lives and health. The spiritual dangers and possible consequences of both current and past ungodly relationships are explained.
  • Possible causes of inner damage that have occurred throughout our lives. The truth that this damage has often been caused by people will lead to a need to understand and personally apply the truths of forgiveness.
  • The possible presenting symptoms of those who have inner damage.
  • Understanding emotional pain and how we respond to it.
  • The process of healing and some of the key steps for walking into wholeness.

Opportunity will be given during the course for discussion, asking questions and application of the teaching into our own lives.

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Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness

Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness

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