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Honey Days - Gods Enrichment for your Marriage.

Honey Days: Five–day Marriage Enrichment Event

The world has a lot of good advice on how to improve your marriage, like going away together more often, changing your communication, doing things together. Does God maybe have some advice for your marriage? What is His vision for your marriage? How would it look if you did your marriage God’s way?

It is good and sometimes even necessary to set apart some time to invest in your marriage. Does your marriage look like God intended it to be? Maybe a better question would be: Does God have more for your marriage than what you know? Is enrichment possible? Is God in the centre?
During Honey Days at Ellel Ministries Netherlands, you will have the opportunity to get to discover one another in a new way for five days. It will be a safe place to investigate the mistakes from past years. You will learn more about the differences between men and women, and how to love one another the way the other person is really able to receive it.

Barriers can now be taken away and be replaced by a new reality. You will learn how to be happy with one another: light the fire and the passion again.

Honey Days is for those who are married, for all ages and all stages of your marriage.

Simply enjoy being together without the pressure of daily life. Let God be the centre of this renewing process.

Honey Days will be held at Ellel Ministries at Baak from 11 till 15 July 2018. for this course, we have limited places, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Testimony from Honey Days participant:
“It was amazing to understand different truths from the Bible that helped us sort out smaller problems in our marriage. Our relationship has become more intense by understanding each other better and by our improved communication with each other".

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Honey Days - Gods Enrichment for your Marriage.

Honey Days - Gods Enrichment for your Marriage.

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