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God's Heart For Europe Conference

European Prayer Conference

Praying for a New Reformation and into the Broken-ness of Europe

Friday October 20th  2017
to Sunday  October 22nd 2017

with Peter and Fiona Horrobin
Charlie and Anita Cleverly
David Cross and International Leaders of Ellel Ministries

Europe today is in a greater state of turmoil and flux than at any time since the end of the Second World War.

On Millennium night we turned our backs on the bloodiest century in history.  But across the nations of Europe we have entered a new ‘dark age’, as country after country has systematically overturned its heritage and replaced the Christian foundations of government with the godless beliefs and practices of secular humanism.

When darkness prevails, however, the lights that are there will shine ever brighter. In response to the intercession of the few, the light of truth which penetrated the pre-reformation darkness transformed the nations for the many.

Intercession changed the course of history during the Second World War and for some time now we have been burdened to pray into the current broken-ness of Europe. In this special intercessory conference, we are formalising our unity as a ministry in a commitment to pray for a new reformation to burst forth across the European nations.

We are in the middle of a different kind of war, but God still hears prayer and we are delighted to invite you to share with us in this highly strategic intercessory event at Huize Baak, the home of Ellel Netherlands.

Our International Leaders will be joined by Charlie and Anita Cleverly to speak into the conference as a foundation for our times of intercession and prayer.

Conference Speakers

Canon Charlie Cleverly is the Rector of St. Aldates, Oxford and served for many years in the heart of Paris. His wife Anita is the European Director of the ASK Prayer network. Both are deeply committed to God’s work in Europe, intercession and the work of Ellel Ministries International.

Peter Horrobin is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries, and with his wife Fiona has pioneered the growth and development of the work. Ellel Ministries is now serving the body of Christin over 35 countries.

David Cross is the European Director of Ellel Ministries. He and his wife Denise have been leading and ministering in different Ellel centres for nearly 25 years.

Outline Programme
Please note that the programme at this stage can only be in outline and may, therefore, be subject to change between now and when the conference begins and even, possibly, during the event itself as the Lord leads and directs us. Group or corporate prayer will follow most of the sessions.

Day 1  Friday, October 20

First evening session – starts 19.30
God’s plan for mankind on earth and His strategic plans for the nations – Peter Horrobin
God’s desire to break through the darkness  –  Charlie Cleverly

Day 2 Saturday, October 21

Morning session 1
God’s heart for the restoration of personhood and nationhood – Fiona Horrobin

Morning session 2
The legacy of Christian Europe - the condition of Christianity today in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the former Soviet countries - European Ellel Centre Directors

Morning session 3
The summary of the condition of Christianity today in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland - European Ellel Centre Directors

Afternoon session 4
Recognising some specific spiritual strongholds: Humanism, Human Rights, Political Ideologies – David Cross

Afternoon session 5
Prayer groups

Evening session 6
A New Reformation in Europe  – Charlie Cleverly

Day 3 Sunday, October 22

Morning session 1
Incense Prayer – The persistent sacrificial fragrance that reaches heaven – Anita Cleverly

Morning session 2
Europe and Israel
Seeking God’s heart for the One New Man – Peter Horrobin

Afternoon session 3
Restoring the broken-ness of Europe through the broken body of Christ, communion and prayer time – Charlie Cleverly and Peter Horrobin

Conference will finish at about 16.00.

Conference will be held in English, with translation available.

Information and Bookings

See website for further details, bookings and early bird discounts.

Tel: +31 575 441 452

Prices and Accommodation
Single room €275 p.p.
Double room €225 p.p.
Shared room €200 p.p.
Non-residential €149 p.p.
Prices include accommodation, all meals and course materials.


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God's Heart For Europe Conference

God's Heart For Europe Conference

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