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Foundations for the Healing Ministry

Foundations for the Healing Ministry is an ideal starter course for those who:

  • Have an awakening interest in the healing ministry
  • Are involved in caring for others and in pastoral ministry
  • Are new Christians
  • Seek to grow in Christian discipleship and to fulfil their potential in and for Christ Jesus

The course aims to teach the scriptural foundations for health, healing and wholeness; and to illustrate this with 'living testimonies' of how God heals His children.

Jesus encourages us to live in the Kingdom of God. What does this really mean and can it be done? This course provides easily understood foundations for both Kingdom living and healing.

The teaching covers the following:

God's character

Knowing through experience the character of God as Creator and Father is essential to having a positive view of healing.

God's provision for healing

Explains the work of the cross and how the Holy Spirit releases God's power into the life of the believer and how the Bible is 'God's manual' for Kingdom living. The process of discipleship is an integral part of healing.

The conflict of flesh and spirit

The importance of the will in deciding to walk in the Spirit and overcome the flesh.

Why some people are not healed

The purpose of this teaching is to encourage realistic expectations for healing and impart hope to those who do not receive their healing at first. Understanding some of the reasons why people are not healed provides vital keys to the healing process.

Keys to Life

What it really means to be set free in Christ.


Those who attended Foundations for the Healing Ministry said:

"In-depth bible teaching, really confirming and strengthening foundational Christian gospel teaching, confirmed and deepened foundations of faith."

"The teaching challenged some of the ways I think about myself, making me consider where my life is out of line with what it should be.

"The course helped me to believe I am not under condemnation which released me to come more under Gods influence as a friend rather than a judge."

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Foundations for the Healing Ministry

Foundations for the Healing Ministry

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