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Deliverance Ministry 1

Deliverance was an integral part of the healing ministry of Jesus and of the great commission He gave to the Church.

This three-day course examines deliverance from both scriptural and practical perspectives. It explains how demonic footholds can be established in a preson's life and presents key principles by which captives may be set free.

The course is designed to train and equip those who are called to the healing ministry and will greatly benefit all those involved in spiritual leadership within the Body of Christ.

Following a biblical overview of the created realms and the consquences of the fall, teaching - illustrated from our extensive ministry experience - progresses to cover:

The encounters of Jesus with Satan and the demonic

Looks at some of the events in Jesus' own ministry and draws from these vital principles that we can apply today.

Satan's battle strategy

Satan's strategy and how he uses the demoinc realm to achieve his objectives. Explains the work and character of demons and how they seek to influence people's lives.

Principle demonic footholds

How the demonic can be given rights in our lives both through our own sins and as a consequence on the sins of others. Also covers the consequences of generational sin.

Preparing someone to receive deliverance

Key principles for setting people free from bondage and oppression. The importance of forgiveness, right heart attitudes and making right choices.

Other important topics

Practical considerations; post-deliverance care; the place of deliverance alongside inner healing.

Workshops led by Ellel team members for an integral part of this course. These provide an opportunity to raise questions and to begin to put the teaching into practice in a safe environment.

'Deliverance Ministry 2' is a follow-on course building upon the foundations laid in this course.


People who have been on Deliverance Ministry 1 said:

"My eyes have been opened to what happens in the spiritual realm."

"The Lord is gentle and gradually breaking and setting me free from strongholds in my life."

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Deliverance Ministry 1

Deliverance Ministry 1

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