About Ellel Ministries

Ellel Ministries is a Christian Mission Organisation with a vision of welcoming people, teaching them about the Kingdom of God and healing those in need. Luke 9:11.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfil this vision in accordance with the Great Commission of Jesus and the calling of the Church to proclaim the Kingdom of God by preaching the good news, healing the broken-hearted and setting the captives free. We are therefore committed to evangelism, healing, deliverance, discipleship and training.

The particular scriptures on which our mission is founded are
Isaiah 61:1-7, Luke 9:1-2, Luke 9:11, Matthew 28:18-20,
Ephesians 4:12 and 2 Timothy 2:2.

The Christian Trust - Reg. Charity 1041237
Company Registration Number 2883771
Registered Office at Ellel Grange

How the Ministry is Run

The Christian Trust is the UK Registered Charitable Company responsible for the international work of Ellel Ministries. There are currently five Company Directors (Trustees): Peter Horrobin, Fiona Horrobin, David Cross, Jill Southern and Paul Griffin. The Executive Leadership of the whole ministry consists of the above five Company Directors, together with Anna Wood, Ian Coates, Otto Bixler and Andy Taylor. Peter Horrobin is the Founder and International Director of the work. David Cross, Jill Southern and Anna Wood are UK Centre Directors, and Ian Coates is the Deputy Director of Ellel Grange, headquarters of the ministry. Otto Bixler is the Regional Director of the work in Eastern & Central Europe and Russia and Andy Taylor is the Director of Ellel USA.

The International Leadership team of the world-wide ministry also includes the Centre Directors of the overseas centres, currently located in Africa, Australia, Canada, Norway, India, Singapore and the USA.

There is also an external Support and Advisory Group which encourages the Executive Leadership with prayer and Godly counsel. They meet with the Executive Leadership and also provide them with personal advice and support. The UK Support and Advisory Group currently consists of: Rev. Jim Graham, Bishop Graham Dow, Gordon Clarke and Rev. Chris Woods. There is also an equivalent body of people advising the team in Hungary and Eastern Europe and a wider body of international leaders and professionals from around the world who also provide regular advice and support.


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