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You can find some of the Ellel books translated into Dutch on this website:

You can also find some of the English Ellel on this website:

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Steps to Freedom from Fear

Deliverance Ministry 1

Deliverance Ministry 1

12 - 14 January 2018
Making Disciples - God's Way 2 [Audio CD] Making Disciples - God's Way 2 [Audio CD]
Jim Graham
£4.00 (approx €4.67)

Master Builders Master Builders
Bob Gordon
£19.99 (approx €23.35)

Sarah Sarah
Sarah Shaw
£9.99 (approx €11.67)

Truth & Freedom 48 of 55: Revival - MP3 Download Truth & Freedom 48 of 55
MP3 Download

Peter Horrobin
£3.59 (approx €4.19)
A short clip from Founder & International Director Peter Horrobin - find all the books he recommends on our shop at