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We're now selling our popular audio teaching series on our new webshop at including 'Steps to Life' and the 'Truth & Freedom' series.

Steps to Life is a set of 52 short teachings by Peter Horrobin, around twenty minutes each, covering many everyday life situations. 

The Truth & Freedom Series are around an hour each and are brought from a range of Ellel Ministries teachers and guest speakers from the wider church body such as Derek Prince and Joe & Ruth Hawkey.  Topics range from foundational teachings such as 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit' and 'Law & Grace' to more specific teachings on the healing ministry such as 'Building A Church Ministry Team' and 'Creativity And Healing'.


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Forgiveness God's Master Key Forgiveness God's Master Key
Peter Horrobin
£6.99 (approx €8.16)

Truth & Freedom 12 of 55: Ministering To The Sexually Abused - MP3 Download Truth & Freedom 12 of 55
Ministering To The Sexually Abused
MP3 Download

Ken Hepworth
£3.59 (approx €4.19)

Demons Defeated Demons Defeated
Bill Subritzky
£10.99 (approx €12.84)

Faith For The Impossible [MP3 Download] Faith For The Impossible [MP3 Download]
Peter Horrobin
£3.59 (approx €4.19)
A short clip from Founder & International Director Peter Horrobin - find all the books he recommends on our shop at